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In The Age of Fentanyl Dr. Ramin brings the story of the opioid
epidemic into the era of fentanyl. We see the disease and cure from his perspective as an addiction doctor working on the front lines of the epidemic. We meet his patients, hear from other addiction experts, and see into the science and medicine of opioid addiction and its treatments.

The Age of Fentanyl brings the hopeful message that just as patients and health care workers rallied together to fight the HIV epidemic one generation ago, so once again a coalition of patients, advocates, scientists, doctors, and nurses are finding solutions and making plans to stem the overdose deaths, block the spread of fentanyl, and end the epidemic.



Throughout his career, Dr. Ramin has seen cases of diabetes, hypertension, and anxiety that he has traced back to inactivity.  In The Perfect Medicine, Dr. Ramin shares with us his discovery that we already have the perfect medicine to treat and prevent these common illnesses and improve our health, but that too few people are taking the right dose or using it at all.

The Perfect Medicine explores the science of running and exercise and provides advice on how to maximize its benefits and be your best self.  This book takes the reader on a personal journey of discovery, traces the evolution of running, shares strategies to get fit and run faster, and shows how exercise can help people recover from addiction and mental health conditions.

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